St. Roch Community Church is a multicultural congregation in the inner city of New Orleans that preaches the Gospel in word and deed, intentionally reaches and disciples youth, and seeks to address the communities’ felt needs. Pastor J.B. Watkins and his wife Stephanie moved into the St. Roch neighborhood soon after the work was launched.

St. Roch Community Church (SRCC) lives with a vision of a redeemed community—not only where kids can play in the park without the fear of guns or drugs, or where neighbors own their homes and families are led by a married mother and father—but a community where Christ has transformed the hearts of the people, where neighbors care because they have tasted Christ’s love for themselves, where people are empowered and encouraged to join in God’s redemptive work because they see what He has done in their own lives.

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The community development corporation founded in connection with SRCC is called Thrive. They, like St. Roch, have a lot going on, and are actively working with their neighbors to help this historic community not only survive, but thrive!

What God has accomplished through St. Roch Community Church and Thrive:

  • Serving up to 200 neighbors through community programs such as
    • Christmas Store
    • Health Fair
    • Yard Sale
    • Financial Literacy course, and
    • Jobs for Life classes
  • Served 30-40 kids in Summer Programs and After-School Programs