Mercy Street was founded in 2003 with a vision to bring gospel transformation to a small pocket of poverty in West Dallas, TX. To address the community’s alarming high school drop-out rate, Executive Director Trey Hill started a mentoring program, believing that transformation best occurs in the context of relationships. Today, that program is well on it’s way to reaching all 2,500 children in the neighborhood. Mercy Street has also added a sports program involving kids in Little League, soccer and karate.

The ministry’s larger vision for holistic community development in West Dallas includes addressing the need for alternative vocational and educational opportunities. Mercy Street is developing an empowerment program, which gives individuals in the community opportunities to learn and grow in different areas of vocation. These activities include a bicycle co-op, social entrepreneurship and micro-business workshops, a community vegetable garden, landscaping company, rhythm studio, summer work crew, and outdoor education opportunities.

Watch Mercy Street’s video on their mentoring program.       Click here to visit Mercy Street’s website.

What God has accomplished through Mercy Street Dallas:

  • Served hundreds of kids in Summer Camp.
  • Trained many college interns and even more high school interns.
  • Hundreds of West Dallas kids participate in Mercy Street’s summer recreational sports leagues in the summer.
  • Have hundreds of kids and volunteers in the mentoring program for kids, which begins when the child is in 4th grade and lasts through the youth’s senior year of high school.