Desire Street’s ministry partner life cycle usually lasts 3 to 5 years. During this time we work intensely to strengthen our partner’s leadership, solidify their board and organization, and build their ministry reach. (Read about our ministry partners here.) After a leader goes through our life cycle and we mutually determine he or she has gained what they could from our efforts, they then “graduate” and become what we call Legacy Partners. They remain in our “family” – our network of leaders – but no longer receive the intense support we gave them when they were ministry partners.

As we have prayed to expand our reach (while also being good stewards of our resources), we have decided to deploy some of these Legacy Partners as Coaches. The guidance they received as ministry partners, coupled with their experience in the field, gives these leaders wisdom that is invaluable to others. Legacy Partner coaches “pour into” other ministries through sharing best practices, and join our Desire Street ministry team in giving emotional and spiritual support for the journey.

Our Legacy Partners:


Tim Mitchell
Executive Director
Parker Street Ministries
Lakeland, FL
DSM Legacy Coach


Trey HillTrey Hill
Executive Director
Mercy Street Dallas
Dallas, TX
DSM Legacy Coach




Bryan Kelly
Executive Director
Common Ground Montgomery
Montgomery, AL
DSM Legacy Coach