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Desire Street Ministries walks alongside of urban ministry leaders and organizations that are working to bring about neighborhood transformation through spiritual and community development. The life of an urban ministry leader creates challenges, and they often feel isolated and alone. It is our goal to help these leaders and their organizations thrive and sustain over the long run.

One of the ways we try and help leaders is by hosting a Thriving Leaders Series twice a year in Atlanta that you are invited to. As the video shows, you can also visit the Thriving Leaders Series page to access videos recorded at each of the sessions.

Another resource we provide for leaders is The Center for Thriving Leaders, which shares best practices, our own presentations and tools, links, and other materials that can help strengthen leaders and their organizations, and further the impact in their neighborhoods.

Our niche is with urban ministry leaders, and the foundation of our presentations and tools are based on competencies that we have identified as critical for the life of an urban ministry leader. However, because of our experience in other not-for-profit, corporate, and church realms, we also believe that these materials can transcend positions and be helpful to anyone who serves in a leadership capacity, works on a team, or is interested in community transformation.

Although this information is not exhaustive, and there are many other great resources out there to be found, we do hope this is in some way helpful. Please check back regularly, as we will continue to bring you helpful tools and resources relevant to your ministry or organization.

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