Desire Street Ministries originated in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans to join with neighbors in seeking solutions to the poverty which entrapped the community there. Not short-term, easy solutions, but the long-term revitalization that requires a radical commitment to spiritual and community development.  Even as our commitment to New Orleans remains steadfast, Desire Street is expanding our reach alongside others with a similar vision in other places.

We know that those best equipped to change a neighborhood are those who live there. That’s why our model for ministry is to work side-by-side with Ministry Partners who share a calling to a physical presence in their neighborhood.  This joint effort moves us forward to the goal of revitalizing urban communities two steps at a time.

But urban leaders walk amidst some of the toughest challenges in the United States today. Desire Street’s ministry partners not only strive to help their communities beat the odds, they strive to beat the odds themselves — thriving in ministry rather than burning out. That’s why Desire Street believes that the best investment for lasting change in the toughest places is equipping, encouraging, and connecting leaders.

Desire Street Walks with Partners

Some examples of how we come alongside urban ministry leaders and help them continue to walk in God’s promises…


  • Provide spiritual and personal support for weary leaders
  • Offer opportunities for spiritual refreshment and growth through retreats and one-to-one meetings
  • Increase exposure to the ministries’ work


  • Coach ministries on organizational development and management
  • Help urban ministers grow in leadership skills
  • Assist with developing fundraising strategies and accessing funding sources
  • Provide funding assistance


  • Offer opportunities to collaborate with other like-minded ministries
  • Link ministries with experienced leaders for training and support
  • Facilitate annual retreat for strategic partners and their families

Desire Street’s Thriving Index is a proprietary set of tools that equips ministry leaders to monitor their personal, organizational, and spiritual health over time, improving their capacity to serve and equip others. It was developed in concert with academic research and practical experience and is available to all Ministry Partners.

“Desire Street offers analysis and counsel, spiritual support, family retreats, fundraising support, and genuine friendship to ensure that urban leaders and ministries are thriving and sustainable. I know leaders in many cities who are on the edge of burnout, hoping for a partner to back them up with holistic support to go the distance. Desire Street Ministries is striving to create that extended family of friends through mutual learning, along with measurable tools that tangibly demonstrate qualitative and quantitative impact.”

Metro Merge, Legacy Partner

If you are interested in becoming a partner, please visit our page “For Our Potential Partners“.